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Posted on Aug 06, 2014
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To facilitate healing, we have deliberately created a culture that provides information, compassion and hope for going beyond just surviving, as well as the opportunity to process one’s experience by reading and writing.  It is vital that our culture remain free of coarse language, as well as slander and gossip.

We understand that each individual needs to grieve in his or her own way, and are aware of the multitude of issues and challenges that face survivors.  With that awareness, we realize that there are certain words that are offensive to some people.  For that reason we have banned the use of a number of words and censor those that slip through the filters.

We have new members joining on a daily basis, some so very raw in their grief that they are in a very fragile state.  For this reason, we ask that some posts be edited when they seem to be too graphic or harsh.

Relationships sometimes become very strained following a suicide.  Many survivors are hurt or angered by the actions of others and want to (or need to) vent, single out others or assign blame.  For many reasons, we believe these are issues that need to be addressed in a private rather than public venue.  —  We have set boundaries that do not allow gossip or slander.  Being hateful or demeaning towards another may bring a moment of vindication, but in the long run undermines the healing process, not only for the person posting but for those reading and responding to the post as well.  Many times readers get drawn into a “right/wrong” situation as sides are taken.  We are all on the same side on this journey – to survive and to go beyond surviving to once again living a life, forever altered but productive and happy in its own way.  For this reason we sometimes ask members to edit posts or remove parts of posts.

The Connected Communities Project Inc. hosts an advertisement-free forum, funded solely though the donations of its members.  We frequently receives requests from individuals and organizations requesting that we link to their sites, publish articles about their services, or promote their fundraisers.    We respect the commitments of those asking, but generally decline these requests, in order to retain the advertisement-free character of the forum.  Should you wish to make a post which advertises healing services, a cause or a fundraiser, please contact info@ruralccp.org before posting.